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How to Secure Your A1 for Your O Levels with LevUp’s Math Tuition

LevUp’s Secondary Math Tuition has been proven to be one of, if not, the best tuition experiences out there! Our Math tuition programme tailored for Sec 3 and Sec 4 students is unlike any other.

The GCE ‘O’ Level Additional Mathematics syllabus and Elementary Mathematics syllabus [4049 & 4052] is a necessity. LevUp provides students with summarised content sheets, accompanied by questions of all levels, from fundamentals to higher level questions. With our expert Math tutors and well-designed curriculum, we are confident you will see an improvement in your A-Math and E-Math.

At LevUp, our flexible lessons focus on content mastery for A-Math topics first, followed by a series of E-Math revision, ensuring that each student gets the best of both worlds. 

> Check out the LevUp Approach to O-Level Math, shared by our Mathematics Department on the video to the right.

Secondary Math Tuition Schedule

A-Math Tuition Singapore
A-Math Tuition Singapore

What Our Students Say

Jonas, MSHS


Since joining LevUp Education midway in sec 4, my grades for both Math subjects have progressively improved. Attaining distinctions for both maths in O-Levels seemed impossible before this, but Iden has helped me achieve my goals. I went from a D7 to A2!!

Kevion, MSHS


Iden has been a friendly but stern mentor. I’m glad that I found Iden 4 months before my O’s. He has always put his students’ priorities ahead of himself. I’m glad that I found Iden 4 months before my O-Levels. My A-math improved from an F9 (term 2) to an A1 (O-Levels). I highly recommend LevUp to anyone who needs help!

Nicholas, Regent Sec


His notes and worksheets are really organised. Truthfully speaking, I would have expected my grades to be literal F9’s for my O-Levels without Iden’s guidance and tutorship. My A-math grade turned from a horrendous F9 to a much more acceptable B3 for my O-Levels.

Why You Should Choose LevUp’s O-Level Math Tuition in Singapore

JC specialist tutors

Highly Experienced Math Tutors

Our stellar Math tutor team specialises in Secondary Math tuition (Sec 1-4), providing Math tuition lessons that are meticulously designed for complete mastery and to equip students with crucial skill sets that help them score.

Not to mention, LevUp has a strong proven track record of >90% A1/A2 and 100% Pass rate.

Holistic Math Lessons

We provide Math tuition with a personalised, summary-based approach that encourages students to engage in critical thinking, ensuring a deep grasp of the subject matter.

Once we have built a strong foundation, students will practise rounds of worksheets and higher-level questions to truly master the subject.

A Level Math Notes

Curated Notes

Say goodbye to thick notes and textbooks and hello to our goldmine of exclusive, specially curated summaries and worksheets when you sign up for any of our tuition classes.

Our resources prepare students for their O-level Math exams with a treasure trove of insights on key Math concepts that are perfectly aligned with the O-level syllabus.

Math tuition Singapore

Support Beyond Class

Questions don’t always arise between 9 and 5. That’s why our support extends beyond the classroom with our round-the-clock helpline on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Zoom for personalised 1-on-1 consultations to clarify, elaborate and elevate students’ understanding.

School-Life Balance

Life isn’t all about studies, and we get that. That’s why we shower you with exclusive welfare perks. From Acai bowls and Bubble Tea to movie tickets and giveaways, we’ve got your school-life balance sorted.

Where to apply for uni

Post Secondary Mentorship

Upon receiving their O Level results, many students are left wondering on the next step.

Here at LevUp, we provide dedicated mentorship to each one of our students, assisting in the entire application process, from deciding on a suitable JC/Poly route to crafting letters of recommendations. 

Why is O-Level A-Math and E-Math So Tough?

The O-Level Math syllabus is unlike any other subject, where it encourages the majority to pick up a wide range of Mathematical concepts across 2 syllabi – Elementary Math and Additional Math. It encourages students to pick up all the necessary Mathematical skills to be well-prepared for the real world, and more realistically, JC H2 Math. 

However, A-Math in particular at the O-Levels has been known to be a huge jump from Sec 2 to Sec 3, and often leaves many O Level students struggling. This is due to the introduction of many new topics that are foreign to the usual math concepts learnt. 

Such difficulties are common; and almost every O-Level Math student will run into a stumbling block at some point. However, with the right skills and tips, you can easily conquer even the most complex of questions.

Content Duality

One of the greatest shocks to students is the shear volume of content across both E-Math and A-Math.

From topics like Differentiation to Statistics, many different chapters with highly challenging questions leave many students dumbfounded. 

Difficulty with Application

The ability to take the math concepts that you’ve learned and use it to answer complex and hard questions.

This application gap can be frustrating and demoralising, affecting both exam performance and a deeper understanding of the subject.

Not Enough Time During Exams

You’ve got to handle a ton of different questions that comes with multiple steps and parts. 

With so many questions to tackle in a very short period of time, those exam minutes can fly by, leaving you feeling rushed and anxious.

Careless Mistakes

Everyone has heard of the immense number of careless mistakes that comes with doing E-Math or A-Math, and it certainly is very true.

Often, in an effort to answer the question as quickly as possible or due to overconfidence, careless mistakes are made, leaving the entire question in shambles.

Secondary Math Tuition Fees 

The fees for Secondary Math tuition are for both Sec 3 and Sec 4 Math students – no deposits or additional fees are required.

LevUp Education strives to make Secondary Math tuition as affordable as possible to the masses, allowing many to have access to improving their E-Math and A-Math. 

We also offer subsided fees for Secondary students on the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS). Contact us for more information.

Secondary Math

$ 320 Per Month
  • $80 per lesson
  • $400 per month (2h) (with 5 weeks)

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