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JC Geography 

Here is where you will find free A Level Geog Notes for your consumption. Do note that there have been recent changes in the syllabus, only full-time students will have access to the new notes (9173 syllabus).

Theme 1.1: Physical Processes in the Tropics
  • Hadley Cell

  • Monsoon Winds

  • Walker Circulation, El Nino & La Nina

  • Convectional RainfallOrographic Rainfall

  • Drainage Basin Hydrology

  • Fluvial and Runoff Processes

  • Channel Morphology

  • Braided & Meandering Rivers

  • Physical Weathering, Chemical Weathering

  • Rocks

  • Soil Profile (Soil-Forming Processes)

  • Mass Movements

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Theme 1.2: Landscapes and Issues in the Tropics
  • Karst Landscapes

  • Aeolian Landscapes

  • Tropical Cyclones 

  • Flood Hydrographs

  • Flood Causes, Effects, Strategies

  • Tropical Deforestation Causes, Effects, Strategies

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Theme 2.1: Development and the Global Economy
  • Core-Periphery Model, Dependency Theory, Bottom-Up Approach to Development

  • Structure of the Economy

  • Levels of Development

  • Sustainable Development Goals

  • New International Division of Labour (NIDL)

  • Global Production Networks (GPNs)

  • Transnational Corporations (TNCs)

  • Role of the State

  • Influence of Regional and International Organisations

  • Involvement of Non-State Actors 

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Theme 2.2: Environment and Resources
  • Relationship towards Resources

  • Resource Availability 

  • Thomas Malthus

  • Ester Boserup

  • David Harvey

  • Extractive Industries

  • The 'Resource Curse' Thesis

  • Water Scarcity (Causes, Strategies)

  • Transboundary Sources of Water Supply (Conflicts)

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Theme 3.1: Climate Change and Energy
  • The Concept of 'Needs', 'Limitations' and trade-offs

  • Political and Economic challenges in attaining Sustainable Development

  • Alternative Energy Sources

  • Hydropower

  • Nuclear Energy

  • The Science of Climate Change (Evidence) 

  • Anthropogenic Activities affecting Climate Change

  • Effects of Climate Change on Sustainable Development

  • Mitigation Measures and Adaptation Measures to Climate Change

Theme 3.2: Sustainable Urban Development
  • Urban Re-imaging

  • Indicators for Sustainable Urban Development

  • Urban Liveability 

  • Indicators for Liveability

  • Management of Non-Hazardous Solid Waste (Ecological Footprint, Urban Metabolism, Strategies)

  • Management of Slums (Characteristics, Reasons for Development, Strategies) 

  • Management of Traffic Congestion 

  • Needs of Different Social Groups (Elderly, Youths, Migrants, Disabled)

JC Economics 

Here is where you will find free A Level Econs Notes for your consumption. If you are looking for more, do join our Telegram group as well!

Theme 1: The Central Economic Problem
  • Scarcity

  • The Rational Decision Making Model

Theme 2.1: Price Mechanism and its Applications
  • Demand & Supply


  • Price Adjustment Process

  • Total Revenue & Strategies

  • Consumers Surplus & Producer Surplus

  • Microeconomic Policies

Theme 2.2: Firms and Decisions
  • Objectives of Firms

  • Costs & Revenue

  • Perfect Competition

  • Monopolistic Competition

  • Oligopoly

  • Monopoly

Theme 2.3: Microeconomic Objectives and Policies
  • Positive & Negative Externalities

  • Public Goods

  • Imperfect Information

  • Asymmetric Information

  • Taxes, Subsidies, Regulations

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Theme 3.1: Introduction to Macroeconomics
  • Circular Flow of Income

  • Aggregate Demand & Aggregate Supply

  • Equilibrium of AD/AS

  • The Multiplier Effect

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Theme 3.2: Macroeconomic Objectives and Policies
  • GDP vs GNI

  • Standard of Living

  • Economic Growth (Actual Growth & Potential Growth)

  • Inflation (Causes & Consequences)

  • Unemployment (Types/Causes & Consequences)

  • Balance of Trade/Payments (Types/Causes & Consequences) 

  • Fiscal Policy

  • Monetary Policy (Interest Rates) 

  • Monetary Policy (Exchange Rates)

  • Supply-Side Policies

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JC General Paper 

Here is where you will find free A Level GP Notes for your consumption. Do note that there have been recent changes in the syllabus, only full-time students will have access to the new notes (8881 syllabus).

Chapter 1: Introduction Writing
  • Learn various key steps to writing a solid introduction for GP that will hook your marker

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Chapter 2: Body Paragraphs
  • Format a Body Paragraph

  • Understand how to evaluate in a Body Paragraph

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Chapter 3: Conclusion
  • Learn varied options of ending an essay, with finesse 

Chapter 4: Evaluation
  • Understand the meaning of Evaluation in GP, and how to excel in it

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Chapter 5: Application Question
  • Learn tips and tricks on how to score full marks for AQ in GP

Chapter 6: Comprehension Question Types
  • Uncover the various question types tested in GP comprehension

LevUp Sample Notes

Here is where you will find sample notes across the various subjects offered at LevUp Education. Those that have blanks are to be filled during classes. Feel free to download them!

  • Consumption Environment

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H2 Economics
  • Supply Analysis and its Applications - Market, Curve, Determinants

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H2 Geography
  • How do we create liveable cities for the Elderly? 

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H2 Mathematics
  • Functions

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Pure Geography
  • How do tectonic processes affect the magnitude of earthquakes?

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Pure Chemistry
  • Kinetic Particle Theory

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