LevUp Welfare Month

April is LevUp’s welfare month for existing students! We will be issuing mega rewards to our existing students to appreciate them and give them an additional boost in their journey towards their major examinations. This is only for the first 10 students who refer a friend! Be quick!

Promotion Period: From 1 Apr 2024

The Rewards

AirPods Pro Gen 2

(worth $365)

Apple Watch SE

(worth $385)

Nintendo Switch

(worth $369)

JBL Charge 5

(worth $209)

If you do not want any of the above rewards, you can always opt to receive $300 in cash instead!

How do I get my hands on a reward?

It’s simple. The first 10 of LevUp’s existing students simply need to refer 1 friend to any of LevUp’s JC tuition programmes (Economics, General Paper, Geography, Mathematics).

The referred friend needs to sign up as a full-time student with LevUp Education in order to be eligible for the reward. 

What if I refer more than 1 friend?

The more you refer, the more rewards you will get! For every additional friend you refer, you will receive an additional $100 in cash on top of the reward.

Does my friend get anything upon signing up?

Yes! Your friend gets a standard discount on their term fees of $50. Not to mention, if within the month of April they refer other friends, they would instantly be eligible for the above mentioned rewards too!

Terms & Conditions

  • All rewards are on a first-come-first-serve basis. LevUp will only be awarding the first 10 students with these rewards. This may be subject to change, up to the discretion of the LevUp management team.
  • All rewards will only be provided in the following term (July). If either the student or the referred friend leaves the tuition programme(s) before the start of the following term, there will be no reward provided. 
  • Secondary school students are eligible for $200 cash instead of the usual $100 cash for Welfare Month.
  • By accepting the reward, the student grants consent for the capture and utilisation of their images exclusively for promotional and publicity purposes.