O Level and A Level JC Tuition in Singapore

How LevUp Education’s Student Centric Tuition Has Consistently Helped Students Jump More Than 2 Grades in Their Exams

LevUp Education has swiftly risen to become an industry leader among secondary school and JC tuition centres, helping students achieve maximum understanding in A-Level and O-Level subjects.

LevUp continues its legacy of producing top distinction students in Economics, Geography, Mathematics and GP, serving a range of students from Secondary 1 to 4 and JC1 and JC2 students. Beyond boosting JC students’ academic performance, we are proud to have re-ignited the passion and love for the various subject amongst many of our students.

Join us today to elevate your understanding, unlock your academic potential, and level up your grades through skills.

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How Have Our Students Faired?

We don’t just claim success; we’ve got the numbers to back it up. How does shifting from failing grades to passing with flying colours sound?

With 70-80+% of our students achieving A/B grades at the A-Levels, 95% A1 and A2s, as well as 100% of students jumping at least 2 grades, LevUp stands as a hallmark of academic excellence.


A and Bs for A Levels


A1 and A2 for O Levels


Jump At Least 2 Grades

Why Choose Us For Your Secondary and JC Tuition Lessons?

JC specialist tutors

Highly Experienced Tutors

When you join LevUp, you’re placing your academic journey in the hands of seasoned secondary school and JC tutors who are experts in their respective fields.

We pride ourselves on our unique teaching style that combines three core pillars: mastering the subject content, instilling essential skill sets, and applying knowledge to the real world.

Personalised Approach

Our tuition classes prioritise a personalised, discussion-based approach that encourages students to engage in thoughtful dialogues and train their critical thinking skills, maximising their productivity and understanding.

We also provide 1-on-1 consultations, available in person or via Zoom, for students who wish to delve deeper.

A Level Geog notes

Curated Notes

Forget about the chunky, inconsistent notes you may have struggled with in the past.

Personally curated by our experienced JC tutors, our FREE study materials are streamlined, meticulously updated, and perfectly aligned with the latest JC curriculum to guide students towards an effective and refined learning experience.

Our Tutor Team

The LevUp Tutor Team features a diverse and passionate set of young Specialist Tutors who have years of experience dedicated to mastering and teaching the subject under their charge. Through a shared vision and teaching pedagogy, we are confident in value-adding to your academic journey and beyond. 


JC Geography & Economics

  • Over 7 years of teaching hundreds of students
  • 100% of students jump 3 grades, 80% score A/Bs
  • Past experience teaching in an MOE school
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (NUS), majoring in Finance, with electives in Geography and Economics


JC General Paper

  • 5 years of teaching experience
  • 100% of students jump 2 grades 
  • Ex-Indigo GP & English Tutor, specialising in curriculum development
  • Bachelor of Arts (NUS), majoring in Political Science & Languages


JC Economics

  • 7 years of teaching experience
  • 100% of students jump 3 grades
  • Studied H3 Economics in JC
  • Past experience teaching 1-1 and small group tuition
  • Bachelor of Arts (NUS), double majoring in Economics and Geography


JC Mathematics

  • 5 years of teaching experience
  • 80% of students achieving distinctions
  • Past experience teaching 1-1 and small group tuition
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (NUS)


Sec Mathematics

  • Over 5 years of teaching over 50 students
  • 90% of students achieving distinctions (A1/A2) 
  • Past experience teaching in an MOE school
  • Bachelor of Mathematics (NTU), majoring in Further Mathematics

Our JC Classes

JC Economics

Streamline your learning through effective essay analyses and case study breakdowns.

JC Geography

Singapore’s #1 Geography tuition programme – Evaluation-driven substantiated by relevant content.


Build critical thinking and be equipped with argumentative skills to tackle any topic with ease.

JC Mathematics

Forge a strong foundation in math concepts and apply actively to the toughest of questions.

Our Secondary Classes

Sec Mathematics

Master both A-Math and E-Math concepts through summarized content booklets coupled with application into exam-level questions. 

Sec Chemistry

Learn the rationale behind Chemistry concepts through bite-size content notes and relate to real-world practice worksheets.

Sec Geography

Focus on skills-building first, followed by content memorisation. Break down tough geographical concepts and easily integrate them into essay-writing.

What Our Students Have To Say About LevUp

Kevion, MSHS


Iden has been a friendly but stern mentor. I’m glad that I found Iden 4 months before my O’s. He has always put his students’ priorities ahead of himself. I’m glad that I found Iden 4 months before my O-Levels. My A-math improved from an F9 (term 2) to an A1 (O-Levels). I highly recommend LevUp to anyone who needs help!

Farrah, MI


Not only does LevUp teach in a clear way that made it easy to understand difficult concepts, they will also help intensify the love you have for the subject. The tutors always make an effort to get to know their students so that lessons felt less like a classroom and more like a group of friends teaching each other. This made it easier for me to approach the tutors or even my other classmates for help. Went from an S for MYEs to A for A-Levels!!

Shi Ying, EJC


I had a lot of difficulties doing well in essays, and just could not find the correct method to improve and attain higher levels. However, after joining LevUp despite only joining the class in the later half of J2, I was quickly equipped with very effective skills, especially in evaluation, and immediately found the root cause of the problem with my essays.

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