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How to Get A Distinction for Your Geography Examinations with LevUp’s Junior College Geography Tuition

The GCE A Level Geography syllabus [9173 8834 Geography Syllabus] is a demanding and daunting one.

Common misconceptions of this syllabus are that it is “too content heavy”, “impossible to score”, and “just memorisation”, hence, often deterring and disappointing even the most passionate students. But what if we told you that those myths can be debunked, that you don’t have to feel lost amidst contour lines and geographical theories?

Welcome to the oasis in your academic desert—our unparalleled JC Geography Tuition.

As the best Geography tuition centre in Singapore, we will help you transform the way you see this ‘unconquerable’ subject and discover not only how to navigate it but how to excel truly. Are you ready for your journey towards Geography academic success?

> Check out the LevUp Approach to A-Level Geography, shared by our Geography Department on the video to the right.

JC Geography Quarterly Tuition

Our Flagship programme – Quarterly Tuition takes the chore and stress of running for weekly classes with a more flexible yet effective way of having tuition. 

What is Quarterly Tuition?

Quarterly tuition refers to crash courses that occurs only once during each holiday period of the year, across an intensive programme that spans 3-4 days. This spaces out the learning process for a Geography student, equipping them with the right skills at the right times of the year. 

Weekly classes resume as per normal, focusing more on curated worksheets and practices.

Build Content Mastery Fast

Syllabus Content: Known to be the best content notes in the market as it streamlines chunky and inconsistent school notes 

  • One booklet (sub-cluster) will be given during each Quarter to pace students’ learning
  • Each package consists of: 
    • Comprehensive syllabus content
    • Relevant Case studies
    • Overall evaluations
    • Essay question banks
    • Full-length 30m Data Response Questions (DRQs)
    • Sample Model Essays
  • Booklets are supplemented with lecture recordings for students to watch in own time

Forge Effective Evaluative Skills

Evaluative Criteria: Learn how to hit the highest levels for essays with the usage of certain types of criteria that open up alternative perspectives

  • One package will be given after 3 quarters attended
  • Each package consists of:
    • In-depth guiding on Evaluative criteria (4S1T1P1E) to master Evaluations (required for L4 and L5 essays)
    • Exercises to apply Evaluative criteria
    • Essay question bank

Evaluative Techniques: Learn how to take your essays to the next level through cohesiveness created by various evaluative techniques

  • One package will be given after 3 quarters attended
  • Each package consists of:
    • In-depth guiding on Evaluative Techniques (Effectiveness, Root Cause, Conditions, etc.) to write stronger arguments
    • Exercises to apply Evaluative Techniques
    • Essay question bank

Compose Professional Essays

Essay Writing Skills: Learn the most effective structure of writing a convincing, argumentative essay

  • One package will be given upon enrolment
  • Each package consists of:
    • In-depth guiding on Essay Structuring (GSS Format), with elaborations and examples on how to write each component
    • Question analyses exercises
    • Essay planning exercises
    • Essay question bank

Season Yourself with Ample Mock Tests

Mock Tests: Challenge oneself to full-length A-Level mock papers guaranteed to train time management and application to various contexts.

  • Mock test papers are issued seasonally
  • Each Mock Test consists of:
    • Paper 1: 2 x DRQ (Cluster 1 & 2), 4 x Essay Questions (Cluster 1 &2)
    • Paper 2: 2 x DRQ (Cluster 3 and 4), 2 x Essay Questions (Cluster 3)
    • Solutions to DRQs and Model Essay outlines (Only hard-copy given out after covered in class) 

JC Geography Quarterly Tuition Schedule

JC Geog Tuition
What Our Students Say

Emma, ACJC


Attending LevUp was definitely essential for my grades. I think it became especially apparent in J2, a defining time when many focus solely on the length of their answers. Often this meant compromising on quality of answers – yet the aforementioned can make all the difference, and that’s where I found LevUp to be the most beneficial and got my A for A-Levels.

Cadence, NYJC


Before I joined LevUp, I was almost completely clueless on how to go about writing evaluations, proper topic sentences, and synoptic links. However, after only a few lessons, I picked up many new and essential skills I previously did not have. I was able to think more critically and write better quality work. Thereafter, I saw a lot of progress with each subsequent essays and DRQs I wrote. I definitely recommend joining LevUp.

Farrah, MI


Not only does LevUp teach in a clear way that made it easy to understand difficult concepts, they will also help intensify the love you have for the subject. The tutors always make an effort to get to know their students so that lessons felt less like a classroom and more like a group of friends teaching each other. This made it easier for me to approach the tutors or even my other classmates for help. Went from an S for MYEs to A for A-Levels!!

Why You Should Choose LevUp’s A-Level Geography Tuition in Singapore

JC specialist tutors

Highly Experienced Geography Tutors

Our stellar Geography tutor team specialises in both JC Geography tuition, providing Geography tuition lessons that are meticulously designed for complete mastery and to equip students with crucial skill sets that help them score.

Not to mention, LevUp has a strong proven track record of >70% A/B and 100% Pass rate.

JC Geog tuition

Holistic Geography Lessons

We provide Geography tuition with a personalised, discussion-based approach that encourages students to engage in thoughtful dialogues and train their critical thinking skills, ensuring a deep grasp of the subject matter.

Once we have built a strong foundation, students will practise rounds of essay writing and data response questions to truly master the subject.

A Level Geog notes

Curated Notes

Say goodbye to thick notes and textbooks and hello to our goldmine of exclusive, specially curated, skills-based notes when you sign up for any of our tuition classes.

Our resources prepare students for their A-level Geography exams with a treasure trove of insights on key geography concepts that are perfectly aligned with the A-level syllabus.

Geog tuition Singapore

Support Beyond Class

Questions don’t always arise between 9 and 5. That’s why our support extends beyond the classroom with our round-the-clock helpline on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Zoom for personalised 1-on-1 consultations to clarify, elaborate and elevate students’ understanding.

Welfare tuition Singapore

School-Life Balance

Life isn’t all about studies, and we get that. That’s why we shower you with exclusive welfare perks.

From Acai bowls and Bubble Tea to movie tickets and giveaways, we’ve got your school-life balance sorted.

Where to apply for uni

Post JC Mentorship

Upon receiving their A Level results, many students are left wondering on the next step.

Here at LevUp, we provide dedicated mentorship to each one of our students, assisting in the entire application process, from deciding on a suitable course to crafting letters of recommendations. 

Why is it So Hard to Learn Geography?

Both the H1 and H2 Geography syllabus aim to spark curiosity in aspiring geographers, encouraging them to reason and rationalise how the earth functions in both physical and human phenomena.

However, the journey through Geography Studies often feels less like an enlightening exploration of the world and more like an uphill struggle against a series of daunting challenges. These struggles aren’t uncommon; almost every JC Geography student faces them at some point. But with the right strategies and support, you can turn these challenges into your strengths.

Ready to tackle them head-on? Keep reading to discover how we can help you do just that!

Overwhelming Content

One of the most immediate struggles students face is the sheer volume of content.

From physical geography topics like tropical environments and rivers to human geography subjects such as urbanisation and globalisation, it’s undoubtedly a lot to take in.

Not Enough Time During Exams

You’ve got to handle data response questions, case studies, and essays, not to mention those tricky geographical investigations.

With so many questions to tackle and points to articulate, those exam minutes can fly by, leaving you feeling rushed and anxious.

Lack of Crucial Geographical Skills

The learning process of geography requires more than just comprehensive understanding; you need a unique set of skills to excel, which many students, unfortunately, lack.

These include interpreting geographical data, constructing well-argued narratives, and even mastering critical thinking skills for those tricky questions.

Difficulty with Knowledge Application

The ability to take what you’ve learned and use it to explain real-world phenomena or to evaluate different viewpoints is often where students stumble.

This application gap can be frustrating and demoralising, affecting both exam performance and a deeper understanding of the subject.

JC Geography Tuition Fees 

The fees for JC Geography tuition are as follows. There will be an additional $50 material fee for each quarter.

You can opt to pay by 3-month installments as well to spread out the fees.

The JC2 Quarter is the popular programme that students will opt for. The JC2 Monthly are additional weekly classes that cover additional DRQ and Essay worksheet practices. Currently, ALL students are enrolled into both programmes.

JC2 Quarter

$ 800 Promo Rate (enrol by 31 Jul 2024)
  • Q3 (Sep): $1,200
  • Q4 (Nov): $1,500

JC2 Monthly

$ 150 With Quarterly Programme
  • $400 (without Quarterly Programme)

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JC specialist tutors

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