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How to Go from Failing Grades to Flying Colours with LevUp’s JC Economics Tuition Centre in Singapore

JC Economics is the one subject at the A-Level exams that provides a fair playing ground as everyone starts with no knowledge of the subject. But then you sit in your JC Economics Classes and feel like you’re drowning in Economics concepts, graphs and jargon—each one more confusing than the last! What was supposed to be an equal opportunity is fast becoming a high-stakes competition where you’re struggling to keep your head above water.

Fear not! We’re here to throw you a lifeline.

Welcome to one of the best JC Economics tuition centres in Singapore. We don’t just break down key concepts—we bring H1 Economics and H2 Economics to life and make them enjoyable to learn, building you up for undeniable success.Can’t wait to start? Let’s turn your Econs nightmares into your A-level dream score!

> Check out the LevUp Approach to A-Level Economics, shared by our Economics Department on the video to the right.

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What Our Students Say

Ally, YIJC


LevUp taught me how to properly manage my time and understand the contents rather than memorising them. The environment is amazing, everyone is constantly comforting and motivating. The vibe the tutors give off are really great, always a text away and would try their best to reply to me despite odd hours. Be it online lessons or in real life lessons, they always ask how we are.

Shi Ying, EJC


I had a lot of difficulties doing well in essays, and just could not find the correct method to improve and attain higher levels. However, after joining LevUp despite only joining the class in the later half of J2, I was quickly equipped with very effective skills, especially in evaluation, and immediately found the root cause of the problem with my essays. I got an A in the end for A-Levels!!!

Janice, NYJC


Mr Lim gave really useful comments when marking my essays, pointing out exactly the parts I’ve written well and highlighting the content that I’ve either misunderstood or am weak in explaining. I went from just passing my exams, to actually understanding the content and reigniting my passion for the subject.

How Our A Level Economics Tuition Classes Help Students Ace Economics Examinations

JC specialist tutors

Highly Experienced Economics Tutors

Our stellar JC Economics tutor team teaches students meticulously designed Economics tuition lessons to ensure complete mastery and to equip students with crucial skill sets that help them score.

Not to mention, LevUp has a strong proven track record of >70% A/B and 100% Pass rate.

JC Econs Tuition

Holistic Economics Lessons

We provide Economics tuition with a personalised, discussion-based approach that encourages H1 and H2 Economics students to engage in thoughtful dialogues and train their critical thinking skills, ensuring a deep grasp of the subject matter.

Once we have built that foundation, students will practise rounds of Economics diagram drawing, question breakdown and analysis to become truly comfortable with answering any Economics questions.

A Level Econs Notes

Curated Notes

Say goodbye to generic textbooks and hello to our goldmine of exclusive, specially curated, skills-based notes when you sign up for any of our tuition classes.

Our resources are a treasure trove of Economics model essays and insights, perfectly aligned with the A-level syllabus, to help you ace your A-level examinations. Get started with some of our FREE Economics tuition notes on our Resources page!

Support Beyond Class

Questions don’t always arise between 9 and 5. That’s why our support extends beyond the classroom with our round-the-clock helpline on WhatsApp, Telegram, and Zoom for personalised 1-on-1 consultations to clarify, elaborate and elevate students’ understanding.

School-Life Balance

Life isn’t all about studies, and we get that. That’s why we shower you with exclusive welfare perks.

From Acai bowls and Bubble Tea to movie tickets and giveaways, we’ve got your school-life balance sorted.

Where to apply for uni

Post JC Mentorship

Upon receiving their A Level results, many students are left wondering on the next step.

Here at LevUp, we provide dedicated mentorship to each one of our students, assisting in the entire application process, from deciding on a suitable course to crafting letters of recommendations. 

Why Do JC Students Struggle to Score for Their Economics Examinations?

The GCE A Level Economics syllabus [9570 8843 Economics Syllabus] is an extremely popular choice amongst students. Both the H1 Economics Syllabus and H2 Economics Syllabus aim to bring the economic world closer to students via the Microeconomic and Macroeconomic lens. As attractive as that sounds, students find themselves wrestling with an array of challenges.

Understanding the challenges is the first step in overcoming them. If any of these struggles resonate with you, know that you’re not alone—and, more importantly, solutions are at hand.

Keep scrolling to discover how we transform your struggles into stepping stones for A-level economics exam success!

Confusing Economics Concepts

Learning economics can feel like you’re suddenly expected to understand a foreign language.

The jargon is unfamiliar, the theories complex, and the graphs look more like modern art than informative diagrams.

Unable to Connect Economics Theories With Real World Examples

You’ve spent hours poring over textbooks, but when it comes to applying these theories to the real world, it’s like hitting a brick wall.

You know the concepts but can’t seem to connect them to current events or everyday situations.

Not Enough Time During Exams

Between interpreting questions, planning your answers, drawing graphs, and making your essay arguments, two or three hours can disappear in the blink of an eye.

You find yourself rushing through exam questions, second-guessing your answers, and leaving the exam hall feeling like you could’ve done so much better if you just had more time.

Lack of Crucial Economics Skills

Economics is not just about rote learning; it demands a suite of skills that include evaluation skills, analytical skills and critical thinking skills.

The ability to read graphs accurately, draw correct inferences from data, and critically assess economic situations are all vital for a well-rounded performance.

JC Economics Tuition Fees 

The fees for JC Economics tuition classes are for both JC1 and JC2 Economics students – no deposits or additional fees are required.

LevUp Education strives to make JC H1 and JC H2 Economics Tuition as affordable as possible to the masses, allowing many to have access to improving their H1 and H2 Economics. 

We also offer subsided fees for students on the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS). Contact us for more info.

Just Econs

$ 47.50 Per Hour
  • $95 per lesson
  • $1,185 per term ($50 discount included)
  • $380 or $475 per month
  • $0 savings monthly

Econs + 1 other subject

$ 45 Per Hour
  • $90 per lesson
  • $1,120 per term ($50 discount included)
  • $360 or $450 per month
  • $40 savings monthly

Econs + 2 other subjects

$ 42.50 Per Hour
  • $85 per lesson
  • $1,055 per term ($50 discount included)
  • $340 or $425 per month
  • $120 savings monthly

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