What to Know About Cut-off Points for JC

Securing a spot in a Junior College (JC) is a significant milestone for students in Singapore, marking the transition from secondary to higher education.

Central to this process are the infamous cut-off points – numerical benchmarks that determine a student’s eligibility for admission to different junior colleges.

As the anticipation builds, it becomes more and more important for students and parents alike to be well-versed in cut-off points before making informed decisions.

This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of what JC cut-off points in Singapore entail and how students can navigate this critical aspect of their educational journey.

JC Cut-Off Points 2023 for Arts, Science and IB


the score is 90 incl the list]

What Are the Factors Influencing JC Cut-Off Points?

Course Demand

While most courses have an average cut-off, popular courses like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) may have a higher limit due to greater demands.


Depending on the number of student applications (per year), JCs with limited spaces may set higher cut-off points to manage the influx of applicants.

Student’s Academic Background

Past years’ performance in specific subjects may influence the current year’s cut-off points, with exceptional results in certain subjects leading to higher requirements.

Educational Policies

If there are any changes in educational policies, curriculum revisions, or examination formats by the government, it can impact the cut-off points.


What Should You Do Before Admission Begins?

Conduct Thorough Research

Before applying, make sure to research the cut-off points of different JCs and the courses you’re interested in. Choose your options based on personal strengths, interests, and realistic expectations.

Prepare Back-up Options

It’s best to prepare alternative choices (JCs and courses) as your failsafe in case your preferred choices have higher cut-off points you’re not eligible for.

Strategise Subject Selection

Don’t choose the subjects based on your favouritism! Be strategic in your selection for A-level examinations, focusing on areas of strength that can improve aggregate scores.

Seek Counsel

Seek guidance from teachers, educational counsellors, or career advisors to make well-informed decisions aligned with your future goals.

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