Quarterly Tuition

Our Flagship programme – Quarterly Tuition takes the chore and stress of running for weekly classes with a more flexible yet effective way of having tuition. 

What is Quarterly Tuition?

Quarterly tuition is tuition that occurs only once during each quarter of the year, across an intensive programme that spans 3-4 days. This spaces out the learning process for a Geography student, equipping them with the right skills at the right times of the year. 

Build Content Mastery Fast

Syllabus Content: Known to be the best content notes in the market as it streamlines chunky and inconsistent school notes 

  • One booklet (sub-cluster) will be given during each Quarter to pace students’ learning
  • Each package consists of: 
    • Comprehensive syllabus content
    • Relevant Case studies
    • Overall evaluations
    • Essay question banks
    • Full-length 30m Data Response Questions (DRQs)
    • Sample Model Essays
  • Booklets are supplemented with lecture recordings for students to watch in own time

Forge Effective Evaluative Skills

Evaluative Criteria: Learn how to hit the highest levels for essays with the usage of certain types of criteria that open up alternative perspectives

  • One package will be given after 3 quarters attended
  • Each package consists of:
    • In-depth guiding on Evaluative criteria (4S1T1P1E) to master Evaluations (required for L4 and L5 essays)
    • Exercises to apply Evaluative criteria
    • Essay question bank

Evaluative Techniques: Learn how to take your essays to the next level through cohesiveness created by various evaluative techniques

  • One package will be given after 3 quarters attended
  • Each package consists of:
    • In-depth guiding on Evaluative Techniques (Effectiveness, Root Cause, Conditions, etc.) to write stronger arguments
    • Exercises to apply Evaluative Techniques
    • Essay question bank

Compose Professional Essays

Essay Writing Skills: Learn the most effective structure of writing a convincing, argumentative essay

  • One package will be given upon enrolment
  • Each package consists of:
    • In-depth guiding on Essay Structuring (GSS Format), with elaborations and examples on how to write each component
    • Question analyses exercises
    • Essay planning exercises
    • Essay question bank

Season Yourself with Ample Mock Tests

Mock Tests: Challenge oneself to full-length A-Level mock papers guaranteed to train time management and application to various contexts.

  • Mock test papers are issued seasonally
  • Each Mock Test consists of:
    • Paper 1: 2 x DRQ (Cluster 1 & 2), 4 x Essay Questions (Cluster 1 &2)
    • Paper 2: 2 x DRQ (Cluster 3 and 4), 2 x Essay Questions (Cluster 3)
    • Solutions to DRQs and Model Essay outlines (Only hard-copy given out after covered in class) 
JC Geography Tuition Schedule
JC Geog Tuition Singapore

JC Geography Tuition Fees 

The fees for JC Geography tuition are as follows. There will be a one-off $50 material fee.

You can opt to pay by 3-month installments as well to spread out the fees.

We also offer subsided fees for JC students on the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS). Contact us for more information.


$ 400 Q2 (June)
  • Q1 (Mar): $200
  • Q2 (Jun): $400
  • Q2 (Sep): $500
  • Q4 (Dec): $600


$ 800 Q2 (June)
  • Q1 (Mar): $600
  • Q2 (Jun): $800
  • Q3 (Sep): $800
  • Q4 (Oct): $1,000