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Tired of big and over-commercialised tuition centres?

Welcome to LevUp, where we level up grades through skills through effective small group classes. LevUp Education has swiftly risen to become an industry leader among Secondary and JC tuition centres, helping students achieve maximum understanding in O-Level and A-Level subjects.

Our personalised approach coupled with syllabus-accurate materials allows tutors to address each student’s needs on an individual basis while maintaining a high efficacy learning environment.

Wondering why hundreds of students have chosen us? Read more down below or watch the video to the left! 

The LevUp Story

Effective Teaching Pedagogy

We pride ourselves on our unique teaching style that combines three core pillars: 

  1. Mastering the subject content – Syllabus-accurate content notes
  2. Instilling essential skill sets – Skills packages & workshops
  3. Applying knowledge to the real world – Case studies & Exam-level questions

This comprehensive pedagogy ensures that you don’t just memorise facts but genuinely understand and can utilise what you’ve learned.

Proven Track Record

We don’t just claim success; we’ve got the numbers to back it up. How does shifting from failing grades to passing with flying colours sound?

With 70-80+% of our students achieving A/B grades at the A-Levels, 95% A1 and A2s, as well as 100% of students jumping at least 2 grades, LevUp stands as a hallmark of academic excellence.


Jump At Least 2 Grades


A and Bs for A Levels

Welfare tuition Singapore

Positive Learning Experience

But it’s not all work and no play. Students constantly rave about our fun, caring learning environment at our tuition centre.

Plus, our exclusive welfare perks, like Acai bowls, bubble tea, movie tickets and more, add an extra layer of joy to your educational journey.

We currently have a special promotion for existing students! If you refer a friend now, you will be eligible for a reward in the form of a FREE AirPods Pro Gen 2 or Nintendo Switch OLED or $300 cash!

Our JC Classes

JC Economics

Streamline your learning through effective essay analyses and case study breakdowns.

JC Geography

Singapore’s #1 Geography tuition programme – Evaluation-driven substantiated by relevant content.


Build critical thinking and be equipped with argumentative skills to tackle any topic with ease.

JC Mathematics

Forge a strong foundation in math concepts and apply actively to the toughest of questions.

Our Secondary Classes

Sec Mathematics

Master both A-Math and E-Math concepts through summarized content booklets coupled with application into exam-level questions. 

Sec Chemistry

Learn the rationale behind Chemistry concepts through bite-size content notes and relate to real-world practice worksheets and experiments.

What Our Students Say

Kevion, MSHS


Iden has been a friendly but stern mentor. I’m glad that I found Iden 4 months before my O’s. He has always put his students’ priorities ahead of himself. I’m glad that I found Iden 4 months before my O-Levels. My A-math improved from an F9 (term 2) to an A1 (O-Levels). I highly recommend LevUp to anyone who needs help!

Farrah, MI


Not only does LevUp teach in a clear way that made it easy to understand difficult concepts, they will also help intensify the love you have for the subject. The tutors always make an effort to get to know their students so that lessons felt less like a classroom and more like a group of friends teaching each other. This made it easier for me to approach the tutors or even my other classmates for help. Went from an S for MYEs to A for A-Levels!!

Shi Ying, EJC


I had a lot of difficulties doing well in essays, and just could not find the correct method to improve and attain higher levels. However, after joining LevUp despite only joining the class in the later half of J2, I was quickly equipped with very effective skills, especially in evaluation, and immediately found the root cause of the problem with my essays. I got an A in the end for A-Levels!!!

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